Transforming Patient Experience

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Faris Ghawi, CEO

Company: MedPilot, Part of the Vytalize Health Family,


MedPilot, part of the Vytalize Health family is a leading patient engagement platform. MedPilot navigates patients through their healthcare experience. Their engagement platform personalizes outreach depending on who the patient is and then uses machine learning to optimize based on their interactions. To date, MedPilot has helped over 1 million patients and features a 97% patient satisfaction score.

MedPilot is a leading patient financial engagement company. Founded in 2014, MedPilot was named a “top technology company” in Ohio by Smart Business that helped over 1 million patients through their healthcare experience before being acquired by Vytalize Health.

Healthcare providers and billing companies don’t have an efficient way to communicate with their patients about administrative and financial matters, so they rely on mailing statements, time-consuming phone calls, and traditional collection agencies. To make matters worse, patients are confused by their bills, frustrated with the time it takes to talk to a live human being, and desperate for an easier way to understand and resolve their balances.

MedPilot navigates patients through their healthcare experience. Their engagement platform personalizes outreach based on a multitude of patient characteristics and then uses machine learning to optimize communications between the healthcare provider and patient.

MedPilot’s software provides solutions to make the billing process between the medical facility and their patients stress-free.

MedPilot provides:

Robust outreach methods – A blend of email, text calls, and statements to reach patients to help solve any balance on their account.

Customized Engagement – Provide personalized communication such as patient demographics, bill size, payment history, and bill age.

Optimized Communication – Every action on contact, payment portal, and help center is tracked to better inform their approach for re-engagement campaigns.

MedPilot’s software is an easy-to-use payment platform that can give patients the correct and most updated information on what they owe and why. MedPilot can help relieve patients with guidance. They offer support from multiple help centers and, when necessary, pass on information to departments to complete tasks like insurance verification, rebilling, and payment validation. Patients can also rely on MedPilot with the engagement of reminders throughout the payment process.  

Their AI engine allows communication with patients from beginning to end. MedPilot enables medical facilities and their patients to keep a connected and secure relationship.

Since joining forces with Vytalize Health, MedPilot can now facilitate engagement from end to end. Vytalize Health is a new kind of Medicare ACO powering primary care practices with bold financial incentives and smart technology. By specializing in Medicare services, Vytalize provides an all-in-one solution that is uniquely efficient and effective. Vytalize collaborates with practice partners to help them deliver the best medical care to their Medicare patients while simultaneously lowering the overall cost of care. Vytalize’s care delivery model transforms the healthcare experience for tens of thousands of Medicare beneficiaries across 14 states by helping them take control of their chronic conditions in collaboration with their doctors.

Founded by Faris Ghawi and Dr. Amer Alnajar, Vytalize’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to value-based care by taking care of the doctors who take care of us. The acquisition brought Vytalize a unique, end-to-end patient engagement capability to manage its 65,000 Medicare patients and $1 billion of medical spending. Vytalize Health’s acquisition of MedPilot enables them to offer their growing Medicare population a powerful solution for last-mile patient engagement. With more than $20M in investment in the combined company and 800% year-over-year growth for the last two years, Vytalize is poised to achieve breakout leadership in the value-based care delivery space for Medicare patients.

“As we grew our ACO and began enhancing our infrastructure, our vertically integrated care delivery system needed a solution for last-mile patient engagement,” said Vytalize CEO Faris Ghawi. “We couldn’t have asked for a better technology and team to fill this need. It’s been a pleasure to work together, and we are thrilled to deploy many more solutions through this platform to improve the patient experience and health outcomes while lowering healthcare costs.”

“It didn’t take long working with Vytalize to see that our companies coming together was a clear 1+1=3 scenario,” said MedPilot CEO Jake Myers. “I’m happy for the MedPilot employees, investors, and the city of Cleveland, as we all earned this win.”

In 2020, Vytalize created an Innovation Lab to attract and deploy digital health solutions in a value-based environment. MedPilot’s acquisition marks a significant success for the Vytalize Innovation Lab. It delivers on its promise to enable technology partners to deploy quickly across Medicare patients through their vertically integrated ACO, virtual medical practice, and platform.

Together, the combined companies aim to transform the $250 billion independent primary care provider Medicare market.