Personalized Patient Billing

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Blake Walker, CEO

Company: Inbox Health,


Inbox Health is the patient engagement, commu nication, and payment platform built for medical billers.

Patients face several issues while interacting with the healthcare system, such as confusion pertaining to billing, opaque health plan policies, and lack of good support options. The paper-based cumbersome process makes it even more difficult for them to navigate through complex processes. Inbox Health is a platform that modernizes patient payments by helping them pay quickly and easily over the phone—while staying PCI compliant.The data-driven platform makes it easy to automate, personalize patient communication and bill delivery, and provide them with additional insights into their charges, leading to increased clarity around charges and more convenient payment options, dramatically improving patient affordability and experience. Inbox Health achieves this by partnering with healthcare providers, equipping them with payment solutions and patient communication that improves the experience for both providers and their patients. For patients battling illnesses, a de-personalized, one-size-fits-all billing system can be very daunting and demoralizing. Inbox Health CEO Blake Walker, after understanding the complexity of the billing system and the frustrations that come with it, envisioned a personalized, digital communication platform to help ease the transfer of information from providers to patients in a more transparent, more digital way – that’s how Inbox Health was born.
Today, the platform stands at the forefront of making patient payment experiences convenient, clear, and affordable. The platform provides a personalized and automated billing experience to the patients and provides billing teams with a suite of support tools that help them manage patients’ needs better.Using proprietory algorithms tailored to patients’ individual needs and each practice, it powers intelligent, two-way communication using various media, such as – email, SMS, paper mail, and voice technology. Providers can start seeing payments within minutes of sending bills in most cases rather than weeks or months later. Patients, on the other hand, benefit by accessing their bills anytime, anywhere, with live chat support to help them understand their bills better. The platform also helps patients before their visit to the office by automatically verifying their insurance benefits and helping them understand their coverage to clear any confusion. Several practices can be managed with a single account, which helps improve patient revenue cycle results across the entire billing organization, leading to better customer experience and improved client satisfaction. Inbox Health has reached more than 2400 practices and 14 million patients across the US. It recently raised a $15 million Series A financing round, which will further the company’s growth as it continues to improve how healthcare providers and patients communicate and transact.