Anagram is An Insurance Billing Automation SaaS for Doctors and Patients

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Jeremy Bluvol, Co-Founder & CEO

Company: Anagram,


Anagram offers a suite of tools that give eye care providers transformative new ways to operate independently in vision care.

Traditionally, healthcare providers force patients with out-of-network insurance to pay for services out of pocket or only accept patients with in-network insurance—this inconvenience and rigidness results in the providers losing several patients every month. Providers also have to spend quite a lot of time interacting with insurance companies filing claims, and determining patients’ eligibility for certain types of care. All this results in a painstakingly slow process that prevents providers from treating patients efficiently. Anagram, formerly known as Patch, eliminates that friction by allowing the providers to accept all insurance plans regardless of network status. This means the providers reclaim control of their practice by choosing the insurance networks they want to be in and pull real-time health insurance benefits from a variety of networks. Anagram, an insurance billing automation SaaS for healthcare providers and patients, helps them understand out-of-network benefits in minutes and submit claims online. It takes care of insurance administration so that healthcare providers can focus on delivering care to their patients. Which means – greater transparency, lowered administrative costs, seamless transaction between parties and no more dealing with insurance companies by submitting claims by paper or via phone.
Using Anagram, healthcare providers can let patients know the exact reimbursement amount to expect and automatically submit an optimized claim on their behalf. The platform provides real-time price and streamlined insurance benefit processing for the purchase of healthcare services and allows providers to set their own prices and discounts to support cash payments through the service. According to Jeremy Bluvol, co-founder and CEO of Anagram, getting access to benefits and paying for healthcare needs to be less complex for the patients. Anagram care is a platform that makes paying for healthcare and leveraging insurance benefits an easier and unambiguous experience for both providers and patients. Anagram empowers patients by allowing them to go to any provider of their choice. The healthcare providers can also serve their patients better, and they never have to turn any patient away due to insurance issues. Founded in 2014 by Bluvol and Brett Plotzker, Anagram is a game-changer for healthcare providers who need more transparency on reimbursement and patient responsibility at the point of care. It is used by thousands of providers with several patients across all 50 states. The providers who use the platform take on average take on 260 more patients and receive an additional $30,000 annually per location from cash-paying patients.